Welcome to the myCPP Tool Gitbook

This guide aims to help you to use our myCPP tool. The myCPP tool aims to help stakeholders and interested citizens alike to understand the implications for states to meet their state's individual Clean Power Plan goal.


The University of Tennessee Bredesen Center and the University of Tennessee Nuclear Engineering department have undergone a multi-year collaborative effort to evaluate the EPA's Clean Power Plan (CPP) for its accuracy and fair treatment of all energy sources. The Bredesen Center has developed a publication to summarize inconsistencies found within the CPP. The final submission of the CPP draft by the EPA addressed a majority of the publication’s outlined concerns.

myCPP Tool Development

To address this interest, the Bredesen Center is leading the collaborative effort through the development of a Clean Power Plan State Compliance Evaluation Tool to aide policymakers and members of the interested public in understanding state compliance pathways. This tool is in the process of deployment with a preliminary version scheduled for online distribution. The purpose of this tool is to be a widely accessible, user-friendly, and accurate representation of state compliance pathways.